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Preventing Fall Hazards In Your Home
Trip hazards can home can be especially dangerous for senior citizens, but there are ways you can identify potential dangers before they cause harm.

Deb Bernacki from Happier at Home joins Good Day Rochester to talk about ways to keep our older loved ones safe.

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A thorough home evaluation is a great way to prevent senior falls and serious injury. 70% of Accidental Deaths in people over the age of 75 result from falls. 40% of all nursing home admissions are attributable to repeated falls at home. 25% of seniors who suffer hip fractures die within one year.

Home Safety Checklist

Steep stairs

  • Install lights and colored tape on each step to provide visual distinction between one step and the next

Trouble reaching overhead?

  • Bring commonly used things down to lower shelves

Trouble getting in & out of the bathtub?

  • Add grab bars to shower walls
  • Use a bath chair & hand-held shower
  • Low-clearance shower
  • Use non-slip tub mats

Trouble getting in and out of chairs?

  • Select firm chairs with arms

Throw rugs?

  • Low pile and skid-free
  • Tape or tack down edges

Clutter in your walking space?

  • Appropriate length oxygen tubing to avoid tripping
  • Keep objects out of the way such as cords and clutter

Dark hallways or stairwells?

  • Increase the wattage of the bulbs
  • Add automatic nightlights in bathrooms and hallways
  • Add bright tape strips to the edge of each stair
  • Keep extra light bulbs on hand
  • Keep a charged flashlight near your bed
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