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Celebration of Life Month
January marks the beginning of the year and a perfect time to reflect on our accomplishments from the last year, but more importantly to appreciate our lives and the blessings that come to us each day.   
Take time this month to tell your caregiver, family or friends what you are most proud of accomplishing in the last year.  Sharing stories and remembering the things that made you smile re-creates the feeling of pride and joy that came in that moment.  Something as simple as finishing a long book, winning the Bingo Jackpot, making the best dessert for a potluck, or helping a friend in need, are all little things that make us feel grateful and fulfilled.
As you focus on the year ahead, take time to set new goals that celebrate you and your life’s achievements.

Here’s some ideas to share with your loved ones in 2019:

  1. Share a family photo album and tell the stories related to each picture.

    • Where were you?
    • Who was there?
    • What was the funniest thing that happened that day?
  2. Talk about your childhood.

    • What kind of child were you?
    • Where did you live?
    • Who was your favorite teacher?
    • What did you do for fun?
  3. As an adult...

    • Did you have a career?
    • Were you married?
    • Did you have children?
    • What are you most proud of?
  4. What’s the best advice you received as you were growing up and what advice would you give?

It brings us joy to celebrate our past by sharing stories, and for our seniors it also helps to fight onset dementia by recalling dates and events that might otherwise be forgotten.  For those suffering from dementia or other cognitive disorders, storytelling helps to retain conversational skills, which tend to fade over time. For our caregivers, hearing these stories truly helps to paint a picture of the personalities, needs, traits and sometime quirks of our companions or loved ones.
So, this month, let’s celebrate you and the great life you have led, by sharing the things that make your heart smile! You’ll be glad you did!
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