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Tips for Seniors to Combat Loneliness and Helplessness

A Life Worth Living

In a culture that typically views aging as a period of decline, but no matter how old we are or what challenges we live with, life is about continuing to grow.

A partnership between the senior and the caregiver is necessary to enrich the lives of all involved. They participant in the balance of giving and receiving, together striving to make life worth living.

Happier At Home's memory journal, The Gift of a Lifetime, combats loneliness and helplessness.

Developed for our clients, the journal opens up conversation, allowing the senior to share their history. They are asked to reminisce about their memories of growing up, interesting stories, and major events in their lives, among other topics.
  • It helps with their identity, to show that they are not a shell of a person, but a person that contributed and continues to contribute to the lives of others.
  • It gives an opportunity for the loved ones to connect and learn from them, which is an important part of a life worth living.
  • It gives the senior the benefit of knowing that they are helping others and contributing to someone else’s life.

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