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Senior Friendly Technology
Technology has moved into our lives at a fast and furious pace. From smart phones to wearable tech, we have more options than ever to learn more, find what we are looking for faster, and stay in close contact with our loved ones - even those far away. But what good is that technology if it’s not used, or it’s too complicated or too hard to see?

Technology options that are senior-friendly:

Smart Phones:

The Jitterbug Smart offers a display that is large and bright and comes with extra large text and app icons. The phone also includes two apps: MedCoach and Urgent Care. MedCoach allows users to enter their medical information into the app for easy access in case of emergency, and Urgent Care allows users to connect with nurses and doctors to get medical advice.

The Doro824 SmartEasy from Consumer Cellular is also a great option. This phone also has the extra large text and app icons, as well as software that guides users through the basics of using apps. Another great feature of the SmartEasy is the built-in emergency alert button.


The AARP RealPad as its name would suggest is specifically designed with seniors in mind. It only weighs 14 ounces and has a camera for chatting and photos. It even has pre-installed apps like Facebook, YouTube, and brain games. It also includes step by step videos for those that are new to technology.

The Asus VivoTab RT TF600T-B1-GR is well liked by seniors because it’s easy to use and has a bright display.

Wearable Tech:

The Lively Wearable is a fitness tracker and urgent response device in one.  It works with a mobile app that offers a daily step counter, health tips and fun health challenges. There’s also an urgent response button that can be used for non-emergency or emergency situations.  An added bonus is the sleek appearance making the device very fashionable!


  • Lumosity: This app helps seniors stay mentally active with hundreds of games and puzzles designed by neuroscientists to stimulate memory recall.
  • Claria Zoom: This app for the partially-sighted seniors allows users to zoom in, and has larger display buttons for easier use.
As the population of Baby Boomers continues to age we’ll see even more options for seniors in the future.

Whether you are a senior or the loved one of a senior, it’s important to find technology that is easy to use.

Stay on the lookout for new tech that could improve the quality of life for your older loved ones.
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