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Benefits of Coloring Books for Seniors
In recent years, adult coloring has become a trending craze, and adult coloring books are for sale everywhere now. Research has shown that there is a therapeutic value imbued within coloring that helps decrease anxiety and agitation, which can help people living with dementia. Coloring also helps seniors engage their brains and increase their motor skills.

Here are some benefits to coloring for seniors:

  1. Enhances motor skills. Coloring can increase dexterity (grip control) and hand and eye coordination over time. This becomes increasingly important as we age since basic motor skills diminish as we get older.
  1. Reduces anxiety, agitation, and stress. By creating one point of focus, coloring can help stress subside as you channel all your thoughts into the picture. This can be especially beneficial for those with dementia.
  1. Relaxes the brain. Coloring clears the mental processes of the brain and encourages full attention and concentration. Minimizing these mental processes creates a calming effect that transfers to other benefits for seniors as they color.
  1. Increases focus. Coloring promotes mindfulness, as it requires direct attention. One-pointed awareness—thinking in the here and now—is encouraged as you stay between the lines, choose colors, and decide on which direction to take.
  1. Provides a sense of accomplishment. For seniors, providing a sense of accomplishment is important after retirement. Finishing a coloring page can do just that, and fosters a sense of creativity and completion.
  1. Provides social opportunities. Coloring gives the chance for seniors to stimulate their social muscles and enjoy the company of others. If you or your loved one are looking for a relaxing, enjoyable activity, coloring gives you a chance to catch up and reminisce. It’s also a great activity to share with grandchildren of any age.
  1. Cultivates self-expression and creativity. For seniors who are recovering from a stroke or dealing with memory issues or conditions such as Parkinson’s, verbal communication may be difficult. Providing a medium such as coloring helps to express their thoughts and feelings without having to use words.
Coloring is a great activity that seniors can do alone or with others. Ask our caregivers at Happier at Home to print some coloring pages online and join in on the activity together!
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