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Working After Retirement
Sometimes the reality of retirement isn’t what we envisioned; after all, isn’t that our reward for decades of hard work?

The fact is that more retired adults are choosing to continue to work, perhaps in a different way and for different reasons.
Some work out of necessity for income; others may continue to work for the following benefits:
  • A chance to try something new (making money with your hobbies, etc.)
  • Opportunity to give back and help others
  • Combats loneliness and depression (which is increased by 40% after retirement) and increases social engagement
  • Longer life as a result of staying active and engaged 

What’s your motivation? Try these job opportunities:

  • Stay involved in a prior career. Look for agencies that connect older workers with consulting jobs, or part time work in your field of expertise.
    • Consultant
    • Teacher
  • Helping others
    • Companion caregiver, childcare
    • Teaching assistant
  • Getting out around the community
    • Uber, Lyft
    • Courrier
  • Social contact
    • Event usher
    • Greeter, or hostess
  • Staying physically active
    • Dog walker or pet sitter
    • Handyperson
    • Gardener or landscaper
  • Start your own business
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