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Sharing Caregiver Responsibilities among Family Members
Caring for an older family member requires open communication, family meetings and teamwork.

Planning in advance before a crisis occurs will avoid the need to make reactionary decisions and avoid family conflict.  

It is most important to set the goal(s), and then follow these suggestions to get a plan in place:

Define caregiving responsibilities

  • Managing caregivers
  • Finances and bill paying
  • Medical appointments and prescriptions
  • Legal matters and documents

Consider each of your strengths when deciding on responsibilities

  • Are you good at supervising and leading?
  • Are you good at interpreting medical information?
  • Is your strong suit numbers and bill paying?

Be realistic about your limitations

  • Does your own family situation allow for you to assist?
  • Can you calmly relate to other family members and support?
  • Will you be able to juggle work and home responsibilities?
  • Can you mentally handle the stress?

Handle conflict as it occurs

  • A counselor may be able to help resolve disagreements or come up with new ideas with difficult situations.
  • Consider respite services
  • Use the assistance of a geriatric care manager
  • Consider your loved one’s wishes and goals
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