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Aging and the LGBT Community

June is Pride month - Aging while LGBT

LGBT older adults make up a significant and growing portion of the LGBT population. This population, sometimes referred to as GenSilent, face their own unique struggles. We can help to support this population who have been hiding most of their life.

Identify areas of need


LGBT persons are less likely to be married than heterosexuals (16% v 50%). Therefore, they're more likely to live alone than the overall elderly population. The majority of LGBT older adult feel a lack of companionship, and social isolation.   

Healthcare Disparities and Access Problems

Some LGBT seniors may have distrust in the healthcare system or feel unable to share certain concerns. They may face discrimination or lack of understanding as well. Additionally, we know that partner access has been problematic for many LGBT seniors. Proper legal documents are essential for their partner’s access.

Caregiving/Long-Term Care

  • Take steps to protect their partner’s access
  • LGBT seniors tend to have fewer available family caregivers since they’re less likely to be married or have children. They may also be estranged from other relatives. A strong social network means that friends may step into these roles.
  • Dual discrimination (sexual orientation and age)

Resources for LGBT Seniors

While some of the systemic issues are beginning to be addressed, elders may still need help on an individual level. Our care advocacy benefits most elders, but it’s especially necessary for those facing some of these unique challenges.

Care Advocacy

  • A care advocate can help find quality care solutions and resolve concerns.
  • A care advocate is someone you can count on to be by your side who knows the local resources to get the help that you need.
  • Our advocates can help you analyze your options and find what’s best for you.
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