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Halloween is for Senior Citizens, too!
Halloween is a fun holiday for kids - but for parents, it can often cause stress over making or buying costumes, decorating the house, planning for the school costume parade, picking out the right pumpkins and making sure that we carve them, and candy overload.

Luckily, seniors have aged out of that stress, and are free to thoroughly enjoy the neighborhood kids or grandchildren. 
Enjoying what Halloween has to offer is a great way to stay socially connected, use your creativity, and have some fun!

Give your loved one the gift of having some fun, helping them remember a special time whether that be as a child or as a parent, and make some great family memories!

Ideas to make Halloween fun for seniors:

  • Buy a pumpkin and some gourds to carve. Some seniors may have difficulty cutting it, so another great option is to use permanent markers to draw on it.
  • Decorate your house with ghosts, bats, spider webs, etc. – this is fun for all ages!
  • You're never too old to dress up! A simple witch’s hat, face make up, or a costume will work!
  • A little Halloween candy or orange frosted cookies won’t hurt! Decorating cookies is always a yummy task!
  • Sit outside and pass out candy. That will allow seniors to see the children’s costumes, meet neighbors and enjoy the festivities.
  • Watch some classic horror movies or Halloween shows. Some great options are Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, or Charlie Brown’s Halloween Special.
  • Visit the grandchildren. Pass out candy while the parents take the kids out and enjoy the grandchildren’s costumes.
  • Share ghost stories with your grandchildren.
  • Do Halloween-themed crafts or puzzles.
  • Go on a family outing to a nearby farmer's market. Enjoy a hayride and fresh-made donuts, apple cider, and pick some pumpkins.
  • Bring your older loved ones to the kids’ school costume parade - this is always an adorable treat!
Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages, and can be a great way for senior citizens to socialize, laugh, and re-connect with family, friends and neighbors. Have fun, and Happy Halloween!
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