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7 Tips for Traveling with Seniors
Summer months mean warm weather, sunshine, cookouts and spending time with family and friends! Summer is the perfect time for traveling and long weekends with family! Happier at Home offers some travel tips to make vacation (and getting there) a breeze:

1. Know your limitations.

You’re the best to know if you have physical or cognitive difficulties that could impede travel. Be sure to arrange for personal transportation like wheelchairs or luggage carts beforehand. If you are staying in a hotel, make sure its amenities meet your everyday needs. Don’t be afraid to request pre-boarding assistance on airplanes, trains and buses; you’ll be seated before the rest of the passengers and out of the rush that can occur.

2. Know what to do with oxygen.

Oxygen tanks are combustible, and airlines do not allow them. Some airlines allow passengers to bring portable oxygen concentrators, but you must be sure yours is on the FAA-approved list before planning to fly.

3. Carry an index card with your information.

The card will include essential information.  Should you encounter an emergency or have an issue, you can hand it over and get help. On it, be sure to list:
  • Personal info: name, emergency contact number, date of birth, etc.
  • Current and past medical conditions, especially ones that airlines should be aware of.
  • Current medications, including dosage and frequency.
  • Name and phone number of your doctor and pharmacy.

4. Get enough medication to last the trip.

Let your doctor know you’re leaving, and get a prescription for the length of your trip, even if it’s two to three months. If you’re switching time zones, ask your doctor to help adjust your dosage schedule so you remain on track.

5. Pack your carry-on wisely.

Of course, have a book or magazine or whatever helps you pass the time, but be sure you’re in easy reach of your carry-on luggage to grab the following:
  • All of your medication in their original containers.
  • Water and snacks of your preference, especially if your medication requires food. Stay hydrated and be prepared in case of a delay.
  • A small pillow, especially a neck pillow, and/or a blanket for comfort.

6. Consider compression stockings.

Sitting for long periods of time can in rare occasions cause blood clots. Wear compression stockings, stay hydrated and get up and move around every couple of hours to help prevent this.

7. Hire a travel companion, if necessary.

Professional organizations, like Happier at Home, offer travel escorts to help you throughout your trip, or just during travel. Consider also taking a family member or caregiver along.
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